Thursday, December 29, 2005

Helen Helebo, 1973-2005, R.I.P.

ሔለን ሔሌቦ

Helen was a person of faith and courage. Helen was dedicated to her family and friends and she lived her life as it should be lived: she had an abiding faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and she had an unflinching optimism and a great attitude that endeared her to all who knew her. Helen passed away a week ago today at a young age of 32 from bone cancer. Learning of Helen’s untimely death, a long time family friend, Shaun Tate, wrote the following: “Helen was, is a remarkable young lady, bringing sunshine into any room she entered. She seemed to be one of the most genuinely happy people I have ever met.” This past week has been a very sad one for me, my family and all who knew Helen. We will terribly miss her positive attitude in all things and her infectious smile. But life has to go on, as it must, and blogging on Enset will also continue. Helen would not have it any other way.

The Lord is a mighty tower where His people can run for safety. Proverbs 18:10


Anonymous said...

Fikru-I don't know how I missed this-I was talking to a friend about your blog when he mentioned that you suffered a loss in 2005. I'm not sure how you were related with Helen but please accept my belated condolences. I hope the passage of time has brought you and your family some closure and comfort.

Anonymous said...

Fikru - have been enjoying your postings on different media outlets & primarily on ENSET. I didn't know that you are the host of ENSET.
Learning about Helen's passing away a very shocking experience (indeed a life changing one) for me as it surely is for your & the family.
Actually it was Helen herself & your cousin Desta who introduced me to you back in 1998.
Helen remains in my memory for her short lived but exemplary life.
After I learned about your loss (which was late), I didn't know how to share my condolence with you. Now having a chance to post my message here, please accept my deepest condolence to you and the family.
Please take your confort through the knowledge & believe that her soul together with many others rests in the kingdom of the Lord Christ and we all shall be there one day once we finish our journey of life on earth.
God bless you