Friday, December 29, 2006

"Ethiopia" by Dereje Kebede (Video)

Please enjoy Dereje Kebede's "Ethiopia" put to a video. I posted the lyrics for the song last week which you can find here.


Mehirete said...

Dear Dereje,
My Tears rolled down my chicks while listning your great music. it left me devastated , home sick more than ever.
God Bless you!!
God Bless Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Enset blogger,

Thanks for posting this moving song by Dereje Kebede. It is really sad one can't find any thing of substance about this legendary singer: no biography, his whereabouts, his health, whether he is still serving. I and most probably many are craving to know more about his current status and his works.
I just hope any body with information will help us with this issue.

Other wise, Keep up the good job!

Anonymous said...

As young boy when I grew up in a predominately believers (protestant) community, I used to listen so many songs from different singers but no one match with Dereje Kebede ( sorry I m not making comparison, as every singer is serving God). He is the most gifted and talented singer I ever know in my life. May God bless him! If anyone knows the where about this singer and his status in serving God, please let us know. I would like to see him and hear his songs and be blessed. I appreciate the Webmaster of this blog for posting this kind of issues. Keep it up Fikru! Thanks


enset said...

Demeke and the Anonymous guy,

I share your sentiments. I have no clue why Dereje has chosen to stay away, if that is the case, from his fans or not publish any new materials. I hope those who have personal connections to Dereje will convey your messages to him. One of the reasons I wanted to do this posting was to introduce Dereje to a whole group of people who may not be familiar with his works. I was disappointed that I could not even find a picture of him to post along with this posting. I remember seeing Dereje's photograph in a couple of his cassette tapes. If someone who reads this message has a picture of Dereje from his Ethiopia days, please send it to me at the contact email on this page. I would like to share it with my readers. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you have posted this wonderful song here. I have heard long ago that Dereje(the singer) lives in Minnesota and serves in non-habesha church, but still i wonder where and how he is living. He is one of the best gospel singers Ethiopian Church has ever got. I pray that God may bless his days as his old days!

Zewdie Abera said...

As said by fellow brothers and sisters, yes dereje kebede is highly gifted singer to church. As he did before, we wish to be blessed in his songs. Eventhough I don't have any clue to see him and to be blessed by many more songs, for over tweny years I never stoped listening his powerful songs. They are still encouraging and reviving us. Praise the Lord for this wonderful gift to the body of Christ.
I appreciate the Webmaster of this blog for posting this kind of issues.
Brother Dereje, God bless you abundantly.


W W said...

Hi Enset!
Thank you for posting Derej's song.
I wonder too, what happened to him. I remember Derej's song, in early 80's, then I was new to the faith.
Well! God bless you and him


enset said...

Hi Zewdie and Watch,

Thanks for your comments. Judging by the number of people who google for Dereje's name (that's how most of you get to this page), I know that there are many people who are interested in Dereje's songs. Hopefully, Dereje will read these messages and will respond to them one of these days.


Anonymous said...


We all know that you have been through a lot in your past ministry and have always been praying for you. Please don't give up on anything and know that God has put the most precious thing in you to serve Him. I praised God when I heard that you still send your spirit filled songs to a quoir in Ethiopia. I believe that quior and those who hear those songs are blessed too. God bless you.

Daniel Asnake said...

Dear Enset
pleas could inform me derje kebede address either e-mail or tephone or his web site ? may pass me how much we love him want to see him again unchanged grace of song gift of the holy gost.
my email

Anonymous said...

God Bless (Lig)Dereje

when will be the release of your next album?.we all are aged....who can tell us, his whereabouts...we sang (ROTO ROTO...during RED TERROR prison.......OOOOO


Anonymous said...

there is no problem to think that dereje might not exist at all. if he is alive we might meet him one day. the most important thing is that we need to know the main reason why dereje want to stay silent all this day. one can remain silence for a certain period but if this silence lingers for a long period that is not a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Enset, First of all i am so thankful for posting one of ethiopan (legend singer) i relly appricate,and my prayer goes on to dereje so that this is the time to over come the devil's plan and ready to serve mighty gad.

Anonymous said...

Dereje served and is still serving his Lord faithfully. I get amased when I read comments that question Dereje's life. I would like to remind those scapticals to examine their own life, what their contribution is to the work of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Dereje Kebede remains a hero among the Ethiopian Evangelicals especilly from among the Amharic songs. But we missed him. If that is what all Christianity is what is the necesity of becoming a christian. Where is Dereje Kebede? What is his fate now? Has become a backslider? Please post for us. I remeber his song that says, " Alemin binaterf ina nefisachinin binxil min yixeqimenal...? Waw, please seacrch for this person and interview him. I pray that the Lord showa him mercy.

God bless you.

enset said...

"Where is Dereje Kebede?" asks the commentator above. This is a recurring question and I thought I should share with you what I know.

You can find out about Dr. Dereje's current status by reading the in depth interview he gave last summer and you can find the interview here.

I also had an email correspondence with Dereje after I posted his Wonderous Creation song this past December. He followed the discussion that post generated and was kind enough to contribute to the discussion (see the 8th comment).

Looking forward to Dereje's upcoming album.