Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Festival of 1000 Stars

The 4th Festival of Music & Dance of the peoples of Southern Ethiopia will be held from 16th to 18th of December 2006 daily at the Football Pitch in Arba Minch. The festival is a free event sponsored by the Christensen Fund in association with Global Music Exchange. You can watch videos and listen to sounds from the Festival of 1000 Stars of December 2005 on YouTube here or on MySpace here.



The 2008 edition of The Thousand Stars Festival of Music and Dance will be staged from
13th to 15th December 2008,
Arba Minch town, Southwest Ethiopia.
Representing traditional music and dance of over 56 ethnic groups from the heart of the Rift Valley including Special Guests from Northern Kenya.

This is a free event celebrating the cultural diversity of the Rift Valley Region.

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