Friday, December 01, 2006

Hebret on Somalia

This statement from the UEDF (Hebret) is the most incisive statement on the current situation in Somalia that I have seen from an Ethiopian political group. I believe the statement skillfully and responsibly expresses the views of the vast majority of Ethiopians on this issue. It is six pages long and it is worth your time to read it if you are fluent in Amharic. I wish they had an English version of it.

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storio said...

Z danger of z islamists of Somalia is zat zey canot see pass zer noze; zis people are a bunch of complexed, venimous, macho damns. U don't negotiate wiz Islamists. U simply be a man & sweep zem wherever u find 1. Stop singin chickens song. Ze'r destryin Somalia, a beautiful country and people. Sharia is bak to slavery & leads to hell so zer is no room for Sharia in zis world baby. Watever our diferences, longlive Ethiopia and we suport u wiz z courage runing in our veins against ol Islamism and injustice.