Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Inquiry Commission Decision Video

Today marks the second anniversary of the ill-fated May 15th, 2005 Ethiopian elections. Those elections and the sad events which transpired in the months following the elections are etched in the minds of Ethiopians and will be remembered as a precious opportunity missed by the country to break with the horrible political culture of the past and move to a hopeful future.

One of the momentous occasions of the past two years is the vote taken by the Ethiopian Inquiry Commission (please see the 2:42 minute video below) that was tasked with investigating the post-May 2005 elections violence. The commission was handpicked by the Meles regime to absolve it from the crimes it perpetrated on innocent citizens. Fortunately for Ethiopia, the Inquiry Commission members did their job with honor and exposed the crimes of the regime with their 8-2 vote affirming that the Ethiopian government security forces used excessive force to silence the protesters who supported the opposition.

Please take a few minutes of your time to watch the video. Also, if you have pertinent information regarding the
Inquiry Commission's historical actions, please share it in the comments section. Thanks. Video courtesy of Qaliti Qal Kidan.

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