Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kinijit's Growing Pains

If you have a couple of hours to listen, here are two audio clips about the problems inside Kinijit. It would be nice if they can stay united, but it is much more important that they lead by example.

1. VOA's interview with Dr. Yacob Hailemariam courtesy of EMF.

2. Kinijit leaders Q&A session with supporters in Dallas, TX courtesy of Mahder.



Anonymous said...

The dust settles in, may be it is time that we ask the real question to a given party.

CUD was built on the EPDRF’s arrogance and wrong doing; we admit we were mad and upset. So, we supported CUD.
Now, it is time to ask the “real” question to any political party. What is their alternative? What is their strategy to bring economical empowerment? What is the strategy about ONLF, Somalia, Eritrea? What is the direction of CUD? Where is CUD going?
We, the people of Ethiopia, would like to hear the “real” strategy. We would like to see if you bring a better solution to EPDRF’s leadership weakness and in what way?
“the enemy of my enemy is my friend”… no more!

enset said...

Dear Anonymous,

I agree with the general thrust of your comment that the CUD, as well as all opposition groups, must present alternative ideas on the important issues of the day. But I do not agree with your suggestion that the votes that the CUD and the other opposition groups got in 2005 was just a protest vote. I am sure some of it was a protest vote, but I believe most of the people who voted in 2005 were voting for a party of their choice in the affirmative. The opposition groups, the CUD included, will take issue with this suggestion of yours. I believe the fact that they had the chance to clearly and boldly offer alternatives ideas to the electorate in the debates before the election was one of the key reasons why they were able to mobilize the population and get them excited about voting. Having said that, I do think that the opposition groups should not wait until election time to present alternative ideas. For example, they need to articulate how Ethiopia must deal with the Eritrean regime or how they will tackle with the Somalia debacle from a national security perspective.