Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who is the Terrorist?

"The war on terrorism is very important, we all know that. But no regime that terrorizes its own citizens can be a reliable ally in the war on terror. Terrorism isn't just a military issue, it is also a human rights issue." -- Representative Christopher Smith as quoted by VOA News on July 18, 2007


Anonymous said...

That is very true!

The other thing I find very astonishing is how the dictator in Addis lowers Ethiopia to Eritrean standard. Why can't Ethiopia look up and compete in all sectors (be it economic, governance or human rights) with countries that have achieved higher standards. We claim to be thousands of years old nation, so why is this dictator comparing ethiopia with a country less than two decades old. Eritrea cannot and should not be our (Ethiopians) standard!

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of our genius Meles putting his foot in his mouth, reminding us that he remains a rebel in a suit surrounded by incompetent sycophants.

But it's not only Meles who obsesses over Eritrea. I'd say that most Ethiopians spend half their time talking about a country less than 1/10 our size. We should focus on the beam in our eye, first, no? And we democracy activists should follow the same adage when it comes to Meles. Forget him - let's fix the beam in our own eye. It's a habit we Ethiopians have to cultivate.