Friday, December 21, 2007

A thought before the new year…

By Ephrem Madebo

I read a wonderful article written by Dr. Messay Kebede (A plea for honest dialogue). As he always does, Dr. Messay tried to go deep in to the current crisis of Kinjit, and pointed his gun at those whom he thought are pouring gasoline on a fire hard to douse. In his article, Dr. Messay made a call for an honest dialogue.

I can buy Dr. Mesay's call for honest dialogue between the two factions of Kinjit. However, unlike Dr. Mesay, I will blame the Kinjit leadership (leaders of the two factions) for being too vague on the true cause of the split. We have heard a lot of highly worded verbal exchanges between the two groups, but neither the Kinjit leadership that toured North America, nor the other faction lead by Engineer Hailu had the courage to tell us the real cause of the split. Well, as Dr. Mesay and others have indicated, power struggle can be the cause of the split, and it shouldn’t surprise us. The real question is --Is this a personal power struggle between two persons, or ideological power struggle between two groups? In my opinion, the real cause of the split is the latter. There is a clear power struggle between those elements who believe in collective decision making and those who like the individual decision making process. One shouldn’t be a political analyst to sense the nature of the power struggle within Kinjit. As to me, not only the Diaspora, but all Ethiopians (even opponents of Kinjit) should by now be aware of this four months old problem and support what must be supported. Remember, one can support a process without being politically charged. In the current crisis of Kinjit; all we need to see is the process that the party is trying to build and the people behind such an effort. Those who stand for group decision making process need to be supported. Should our effort be to use the current split in the party as a learning process to reach to the next level, or to put together the two warring factions? Well, our effort must be a mix of the two, if there is a complete change of heart within the factions. Yes, in this case we should push the two groups for dialogue, but we shouldn’t try to put together two diametrically opposed ideology backers in the same party. What do U think?


Anonymous said...

We are destined to be disappointed. This was my first thought at the beginning of all this functionalism, accusations, and tit for tat briefings against each other. I was expecting this split to happen. Because Kinijit wasn’t built on monotones ideology or coherent political belief. It was rather a marriage of convenience that takes ethnic politics as its core value. Nationalism is not politics. It’s a way of manipulating the nations filling to ones gain. It is a world of egoists, fascists and dictators. Once they took the power they cease to be democrats, and honest servant of the people. They are rather morally corrupted and often abuse the public office and power.

That is what happened with kinijit leadership. So why asking for honest dialog when they are not honest themselves? Inviting the two groups for dialog is nothing more than theatrical show of politics to entertain politically drunken audience. Let them go their own way and let the Ethiopian people decide. We are too emotional about this political episode. We need to accept as a fact of plotical life and try to make the most out of this. I wouldn’t bet on the survival of Kinijit.

Anonymous said...

Talking about kinijit is like beating on a dead horse. It just makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Please read the posted comments on Wiechegud blog. interesting comments are posted there dealing with the split and the different articles there from. Most interesting are the comments posted at the end.

Anonymous said...

Nothing ever makes good sense to the lazy diaspora that is only good for sitting in front of a computer and opining about this and that.

The doomsayers are always the
freeloaders who want it all at the
expense of others.

Anon 9:37 you will be long dead and buried and carried to your grave by a dead horse. Kinijit is eternal.

Anon 5:32 I bet you will always
singing the blues without ever lifting a finger to do your part.
You expected manna from heaven and you didn't get it...keep looking up
to the heavens with your mouth open.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Madebo

do you believe a collective decision on every trivial matter? if that is the case, what is the need of one chairman. according to your argument, Kinijit needs 20 or so chairmans.

Politicians use every word they find in the dictionary to outshine their openents. the anthem of collective leadership from your visionary Brehanu and Gizachew is to outsmart Hailu Shawel.

It is hard to beleive you missed this clear and simple matter as you looked articulate in your previous postings. Now i suspect you have an old grudge against AEUP people since the majority are from the Amhara group. I know you are from the south and if you continue seeing situations in racial and ethnical lines, you can't get no where. Truth is truth and you can't bend truth to suit your inner thinking.

Accept the fact that the Brehanu group are useless paper/speech tigers who are no good for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ephrem

I enjoyed your well articulated comments or articles on this enset blog but i haven't tried to write comment before.
But I have some questions for you
What is CUD for people of south? Can you brief me difference between pro Amhara CUD or pro Tigrie TPLF parties from southerners interest. Have you seen any demo in DC when people of south (eg Awass and Hadya zone)were assassinated just few years back? I am proud Kambata,and I believe in God and God created different nation and nationalities. My idea is we have to stand by ourselve rather than looking after CUD or TPLF, after all they do not blong to us. Please do not consider me as if I am narrow, I used to be like you but as I am getting well with Ethiopian politics it appears to me that it is better to follow natural low rather than man made orgs. I am not against working together with any group whether TPLF or CUD or OLF,why not Aliqida but keeping own's interest and speaking for ourselve is ABC of politics. There has been already severe damage specially for people of south, though too late, though it will take long time, thinking and working hard to stand with our foot is the only way to keep interest of our peace loving unfortunate people.

I wish you lovely christmass

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I am writing from Addis. It is my first time to give comments on your blog. But I have been following the articles on many blogs, one is ENSET.
I kind of like it, though I can't say it should cover sth of my interest fully. As I am not the one who expect the blog to get me what I want to hear and read only, as some netters are sounding like.
Anyways, about your thought I totally agree with your idea and believe that it is time to stand and try to think rationally than emotionally. I don't think the group in CUD can get along together as "one" any more. I wish they could. I am not trying to be pesimistic. I am just trying to put what I feel. I know those people who would view this comment would put me in one of the factions as they like. But the truth is I am not part of any faction but part of the group that stand for the struggle for democracy, rule of law and human right. Because I belong to the society suffering here in Ethiopia from lack of the abovementioned necessary factors of governance.
For the Ethiopians in the diaspora, please look back our history, think and rethink and make an informed decision for the struggle. Don't divide and weaken the struggle and bury our hope.
May be it is time to write more about how we feel here inside the country about every thing, and I will put that for the time ahead.

Anonymous said...

Enset- a southern perispective on Ethiopian political affairs.

Interstingly, most of the migration took place from the north to southward, whether in Ethiopia or many other parts of the world. It is fair to say then that the Southern Ethiopian people's culture and life experience had been marginalized by the dominant culture intetionally and/or unintentionally for some political, religious, cultural motives. The divesity of the south has been used or misused for the political of all regimes. As the world has changed thanks to wrecking of the Berlin Wall, things have come to the open. The southerners have realized that they have to accept eachother for who they are before anything else. They had sacrificed their children in the wars so that their privileged northern leaders/compatriots would benefit. They were ridiculed for who they were. They were outsmarted by the so-called "majority".

An ad-hoc political institution that does not guarantee the rights of its minority, would only hasten its own downfall. should against each . Could this be the case with Kinijit coalition?

Anonymous said...

According to Enset, Ethiomedia ant the tabloid ER, we will need a collective decision on how to eat, drive, walk, speak, celebrate, love etc.

Where does collective leadership should be applied and where do we not need it is a question where Berehanu's faction and racist minorities like Enset couldn't answer.

Ephrem Madebo said...

Mr. Anonymous:

The issue of Kinjit and its leadership quality is not a trivial matter. It is an issue of great importance that touches the lives of many Ethiopians. When a decision has the potential to affect the life of millions of people, it needs to be decided collectively. As you said it well, Kinjit does not need 20 chair persons. All it needs is one chairman, but this chairman should not have unlimited power to do everything. In a progressive party environment, the party leadership makes decisions and the chairman executes the decisions regardless of which part of the decision he/she is. It is only in the Stalin kind of part system that a chairman makes decisions and executes them. You said: “Politicians use every word they find in the dictionary to outshine their opponents. the anthem of collective leadership from your visionary Brehanu and Gizachew is to outsmart Hailu Shawel” You are right, but since Hailu is a politician, don’t you think what you said to Brehanu and Gizachew works for Hailu too? Don’t you think Hailu and his group are working hard to outsmart the other group? The problem is that to outsmart one needs to be smarter. In my opinion, objectivity, political smartness, respect to dissent and realism are the very things that the Hailu group lacks. Yes, I am from the south, I see the Ethiopian politics from the southern perspective. One should always understand that the larger view of the Ethiopian politics and the Southern perspective are not mutually exclusive. The South can’t be a place of true justice and freedom while the other parts of Ethiopia suffer from the lack of freedom and justice, likewise, we can’t say Ethiopia is a place of justice while the south suffers from injustice. Having a southern political perspective should only help us to enrich the thought process [Finding solutions], not alienate us from our Amara. Tigre, Adere, Ethio-Somali etc brothers. When I see a politician, I see his/her stand on issues and his/her political maturity, not his/her ethnic background. But, this by no means should imply that I am less sensitive on ethnic issues. When parties are organized around ethnicity, they loose their political taste, when they totally ignore ethnicity and organize around one dominant ethnic group, they loose their democratic taste. What good is a party without its political and democratic taste?

Ephrem Madebo said...


Just like you are, I am a proud Kembata who strongly believes in God. If you are a man of faith, I do believe you know that Jesus was a Jewish, but he died for all of us, and he told us to love our enemies. Back in 2000 and beyond, I felt bad & helpless when some immature, reckless, and chauvinist individuals dictated the DC politics, totally ignoring, or diminishing important southern issues. This did not deter me from standing for the people of the south and the Ethiopian people at large. There were times that I worked with these same people who diminished the south. Remember, I am not only in a fighting mode; I am in a teaching mode too. I believe, the south is a place where other Ethiopians learn a good political culture. The importance of CUDP to the South depends on how the south sees CUDP, and what CUDP can do to the South depends on how much southerners want to participate in CUDP. Yes, initially, CUDP was organized around one dominant ethnic group. I do believe, the current struggle within CUDP is to change its composition and make it a true multi-ethnic party. You said: “CUDP and TPLF do not belong to us” Well, TPLF is 100% one ethnic party. Period! You personally have the choice to not be a member of CUDP (like me), but can you make a claim that CUDP does not belong to the South? There are southerners who are members of CUDP (some in the leadership position).In the 2005 election, the people of the south voted more to CUDP than Dr. Beyene’s SEPDC. Can one say that SEPDC does not belong to the south because it was out voted by CUDP? I leave the answer to you.
Yes, damages were made in the past, but we don’t dwell in the past, we live in the present and see deep in to the future. There is no future without forgiveness, lets’ forgive and walk forward with those who wounded us! My advice to you: There are different ways to empower the people of south. Participate in one of the available ways and make a positive contribution. Be open and align yourself with any group, or person that shares your values. If we all do this, Ethiopia will be a good place for all of us!

Anonymous said...

I am glad there are people like you and your likes out there because it gives me hope.I read Obang Metho's writing whenever he writes because the forgiving and the togetherness preaching is just empowering. The least CUDP did for me is it brought so many articulate and shining Ethiopians from all sectors and ethnic background out to the stage so we can see them, read their empowering articles,etc etc...., for that i am greatful to it.

Anonymous said...

please mr madebo we herd enough of this nonsense called cllective decison making we live in planet earth not in outer space.if you know any poletical party,presdant. ,any gavernment,corporation anything please let us know.let me tell you if this people they want be there own boss let them have there own party without a share holder kinjit is puplic property it needs a strong tested chairman and we have one.

Ephrem Madebo said...

Mr. Anonymous,
If you know/have a type of leadership better than “collective leadership” please share us. There is a good chance that your name could be read loud next year in Norway. Otherwise, please don’t try to teach us a new song with a boring old rhythm. Yes, all economic and political entities need a strong tested chairman. The problem is Kinjit has a chairman who completely flanked his test. No organization stands a chairman that says “My way or the high way”. Look at George Bush, the most powerful president in the world. If Both the House and the Senate deny him what he wants, he will obey them and gracefully signs the bills they passed. He doesn’t fire them! This is collective decision making at its best. If a chairman of the party is a decision maker, then why do we need party Central Committee, party Executive Committee, or party General Assembly? Don’t you know that all of these party organs have more power than the chairman? What is the difference between Meles Zenawi and a party chairman that makes all decisions? My dear fellow Ethiopian, our struggle is to change a decaying system that is pulling our nation apart, not to replace a younger cunning dictator with an older stubborn dictator!
Happy new year to you and all Enset readers.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Madebo:

You are an individual who is indoctrinated by the TPLF ethnic policy. Your hate for the Amhara ethnic group is clear and visible in any of your writing. You use the word chuvenist bla bla to target these poor but proud people who bled for that country for centuries.

you know what? why don't you and your kambata ethnic declare independence instead of grudging forever whatever happened 120 years ago? If you think you are an articulate person, you should be ready to move on and forgive whatever happened to your ancestors. The only crime you think the Amhara people did to you is that the fuedals subjugated your ancenstors. If you have a clean heart, you should haver realized that 99.9% poor amharan people didn't do any crime to you except the fuedals who treated their own people the same way they treated your people. These is a phenomena witnessed in each and every part of the world. the difference is that others have moved on while you still grudge, mistrust and insult the Amhara people chuvinists. You are a racist in the cover of democrate.

the present Ethiopia is a place where people mixed to each other leaving the old traditional way of thinkings. that is albiet the increasing ethnic indoctrination of TPLF. You look similar to TPLF elits when you always go back to historis and grudge about the past. Comon man, do you want to kill all the poor amhara farmers who doesn't even know the existence of the word "Kambata" or Welaita or Oromo or Ogadeni?

I saw you mentioned the lord Jesus on your comments. Did Jesus teach about revenge and grudges? You are contradicting yourself in many of your writings. And by the way, you are a supporter of HIBRET. since when did you become KINIJIT advocate?

It is all hate that motivates you to keep doing what you are doing. It is easier if you fend your fence and declare your independence with the name of "Kambata Republic". But you and the people who thinks like you are numbered in the Kembata ethnics. They are true ethiopians and only you and may be Mr Fikru are stirring your people to be vengefull towards the poor amharans. It looks like you have forgiven the TPLF tigrayans, your present rulers, and the people who are subjugating you. Instead of freeing Ethiopia from the old way of subjugating one another, you are in a rampage of attacking the poor amharans. You are a confused person and nothing can be done to make you realize that you should live in the present rather than the past

Anonymous said...


Thanks for explanation, but I think you did not get my main point. I appreciate your effort to stand against any dicatators wherever they are and whoever they are with cover of whatever name. As you might have already noticed standing against Meles Zenaw is taken as equivalent as critizing Tigrians or standing against Hail shawol considered as hate to Amhara, this is hidden thought embded in current African politics. As I have already said if we do not stand with our foot critizing or singing after let alone dicatotors even democratic leadership which doesn't belong to us would be futile effort and end up in confusion for people of our primary concern. No one give damn for weak and poor, you understand what I mean. Though all Ethiopians including people of south are poor, sadly people of south is happened to be weak in politics and organization, I think, that is the reason some of our elites are running after the wind that blows from north. You were talking about foregiveness. To forgive somebody has to admit the mistake and ask you appology, i think that is normal procedure of forgivness and as you mentioned Jesus said do it 7x77 for your brother given that he is willing to ask appology and love your enemy. I think forgivness is very irrelevant issue in Ethiopian politics as none has taken responsibility rather every one is happened to have victim menatlity, which is result of 120 years misrule. Now making base of togetherness first among ourselve with hard work and understanding natural realities must be our number one issue. If we reach that position fore sure we can deal with issue that now you are giving muc attention, that is why I siad what is CUD for people of south. If we stand by ourselve, we can love our enemy if we have any. If we stand ourselve we can forget past criminals and crimes for the sake good future. Before all as nation we have to exist and there is something we have to learn from past history. As you said you are in teaching mode too, it is good to teach good thing if you have student.

Wishing happy new year.

Anonymous said...

This comment is a response to ato Ephrem Madebo`s piece entitled " A thought before the new year".
The bylwas and organizational structure of Kinijit show that the party has a leader and an executive committee. I have not come across any part mentioning about collective leadership in it. In my opinion the issue of collective leadership was raised later for divisive purposes and corner the leader of the party. It is a kind of smart or sytematic move on the part of Dr. Birhanu Nega and his followers to take over the party or popular movement thay have not sacrificed so much to build. I liken collective leadership with the Bonapartism of Meles Zenawi which he used to purge his opponents from the TPLF. The speeches of Dr. Birhanu Nega and Ms. Birtukan also suggest a divergence in direction. Their repeated references to accomodation or Mechachal and the tendency to flirt with the die-hard followers and supporters of the TPLF are examples in this regard. There is also this foreign designation of hard liners and moderates in the party. The external forces espouse what they call moderates (led by Dr. Birhanu Nega) and would want to isolate the hard liners led by Engineer Hailu Shawel. The so called modrates would function as a loyal opposition and help to accept and stabilize the western led regime of Meles Zenawi.
Ethiopians aspiring and struggling for democracy and freedom would not support any more loyal opposition. There are already enough of them and it would even complicate Meles Zenawi`s tasks of managing them.

Ephrem Madebo said...

Mr. Anonymous,
Thank you. You have a good idea and a polite engagement attitude, I promise to continue this dialoging with you. You have correctly grasped the core of contemporary Ethiopian politics. Ethiopia is a country where political dissent is a fatal crime. I will rather think differently and die as a dissenting voice than swallowing a nasty political juice squeezed by those who think they are ordained leaders. I see many anonymous responses that lack reason and coherence. Let it be clear that I don’t deal with “Amhara” or “Kembata” politics. I deal with Ethiopian politics. Believe it or not, Ethiopian politics is the combination of the two and many others as a single entity. What is collective leadership? In a nutshell, collective leadership is a situation where most important party decisions are made by party members as a group. If Kinjit does not have this type of leadership in its by-laws, then why do we need Kinjit? Isn’t TPLF enough? To me a dictator is a dictator whether he/she is black or white, North or South, Christian or Moslem. No matter what, when most decisions are made by a single individual the door to dictatorship is widely open. Forget Berhanu, Hailu, or Birtukuan. Lets talk about the process that Kinjit adheres itself in its journey to lead our nation. How do we like this process to look like? Do we dislike Meles, or his political process and policy? Well some may say both, but trust me, if Meles was following the correct political policy and the right process in implementing his policy, we all would have adored him. If we don’t like Meles, then we shouldn’t like those who oppose him, but have no different policy and process than him. Finally, as one of the commenter said, “Kinjit is a public property”. Yes it is. So what is wrong if one chooses to be an advocate of Kinjit regardless of her/his party affiliation!

Anonymous said...

Mr Madebo

I based my argument based on the word moderate (loyal opposition) and hardliner ( non-loyal to meles).

You continue lecturing me with collective leadership in which i can argue you later. Don't you think that being a loyal opposition to Meles like the Brehanu group take as back from where we come from?

What is the difference between the so called moderates (Berehanu group) and other opposition parties in TPLF parliament? If changes can be made, parties in the TPLF parliament could have made those changes. It seams you forgot the basic thing that makes Kinijit popular in the first place. If you want me to remind you, the basic fact that the chairman (Shawel's) idea of not entering to parliament was in sync with Ethiopian people. and the Ethiopian people were happy for the first time in which they found a party that says enough is enough to TPLF tricks and mischeives. Having doctorate or any accadamic level wouldn't change the people's choice. the choice of the people is similar to the choice of their elected leader Hailu shawel.

any attempt to be loyal to Meles will end up in disaster. And no matter hard you write, it won't change the basic facts on the ground

Anonymous said...

The silent majority of Ethiopians are tired of hearing tribal division of Ethiopian people. The world don’t care whether you are kembata , Gurage, Amara or Oromo. Please let us stop this narrow-minded and primitive tribal way of thinking. Let us concentrate that we are all Ethiopians and let us build our Ethiopian common national identity based on love, respect and unity. Let us associate our identity as Ethiopians and African.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

"The world don’t care whether you are kembata , Gurage, Amara or Oromo."

This is the funnest comment I have ever read. If Ethiopia is needed to be defined it is collection of those tribes and others that "your world" do not care. I and my world do care for my Kambata and others too. But I wonder to know from which world you are from. The sadest part is you came as if you are representative of silent majority. If you do not know the need of silent of majority go and do some kind of research, their demand is atleast to live in peace, with enough wealth to survive if possible to relax and to be respeced as they are created with their culture, colour, shape and language...these are whole mark of free and prosperous nation, not exceptional for Ethiopia or Ethiopia's tribes or indviduals. If Ethiopia is not going to provide this right as indvidual and as group for all of us, rather my world do not care for Ethiopia i.e. I do not expect much from "your world". Those tribes which "your world" do not care are created by God, should we fight with their creature God. This is something we have to swallow and move foreward. If we do not name ourselve by our name like in this blog most of have Anonymous nick it defenitely creates difficulties to understand each other. According to you Ethiopia has to be like that, do you think that gives sense? Politics, doing everything to dominate others, is one thing but denying nature is is the worest thing, God forbid.

Ephrem Madebo said...

Mr. anonymous,
Let’s go further and see ourselves in a different time in our struggle. The parliament issue has come and gone. By the way, it is not Hailu who boycotted the parliament, it is Kinjit. It is not only Hailu who went to jail; it is the entire leadership of Kinjt. When Kinjit as a party decided to boycott the parliament, party members who voted to join the parliement respected the party decision and went to jail for it. When they came out of jail and made another decision, Hailu not only dissented, but he also disrespected the resolution. He thinks he should always be followed. Ethiopia is too big of an entity to be left for the individual decision of an autocratic leader. Do you remember that Berhanu went to jail twice, once with Professor Mesfin and then with Kinjit leadership? What is the basis of your argument that makes Hailu a Populist and the other group loyal opposition? Is it the Ethiopian people that elected Hailu to be a leader? No! Hailu was MP just like Dr. Yacob and many others who was elected to represent his locality in the national parliament, not to be leader Kinjit. He was elected to be chairman of Kinjit before Kinjit went to the election (by members of Kinjit). If Kinjit as a party does not want (rejects) his leadership, he needs to go. You need to differentiate between the two. My problem with Hailu is triple. He has no charisma what so ever. He is not a unifier. He is a dictator. He might be a good in grass root organizer, but he has an extremely poor leadership quality. He has no tolerance for dissent. We all know he has a strong TPLF stand (so do I and you), but this is not good enough to lead a complex nation like Ethiopia. Ethiopia is predominantly a country of the youth; Hailu has not spelled out his vision for the youth. Known Loyal oppositions are Lidetu and Prof. Beyene who came to the US as TPLF spokes persons and tried to pour water on HR 2003. The Kinjit group that toured North America publicly stood for HR 2003 in the us Congress knowing that they would go back to Ethiopia. This is the sign of ultimate heroism, not loyal opposition. If you remember, the biggest thing that bothered TPLF in the last 6 months is the passage of HR 2003 in the US Congress. Hailu and his group are generation of the 50s who want to propel Ethiopia with the mentality of their generation. That generation has failed. We need a mix of new ideas from the current generation. It is this new idea that Hailu and you are fighting!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Madebo:

You are completely defending your side and you are making it very hard to learn from each other. You are sided with the Berehanu group and it looks like you have no room to accommodate any valid argument that made Kinijit what it is now. Your accusation of Hailu Shawel for being autocrat, dictator or feudalistic doesn’t have any proof. It is not fair to go on character assassination and name calling without any evidence at hand. If Hailu is as you portrayed him, why did they choose him to be a chairman in the first place? I thought you elect one to lead you based on his past integrity and leadership skill. Not only that, Hailu didn’t have the time to be dictator, feudalistic or authocrat since the majority of his time as a chairman of the party was spent in prison. I could say 95% of his chairmanship time was spent in jail before the trip to North America. So how can he be a dictator? I hate to see my people being low and go into rampage by attacking people like you do on this blog.

Second, I would like to correct you on the deciscion to not enter to the TPLF parliament. Hailu was the main person to resist such temptation to enter the puppet parliament. It was Berehanu Nega who fought hard to enter to the puppet parliament by issuing statements on behalf of his party KesteDemena saying he will join the parliament. Since the Ethiopian people insisted to stay out of the parliament, your man Dr. Nega has no choice except join Hailu and other to the jail.

Mr. Madebo, I am sure you are familiar with the way of doing things in order and civilized manner since you are living in the western world. Don’t you think there should have been order to remove Hailu from chairmanship if he really is a dictator as you described him by electing other instead of going to rampage on medias and paltalks? It was sad to see people on Berehanu side to try to eliminate Hailu Shawel through their smear camphaigns and character assassinations. They could have waited for the next inter-party election to elect whoever they chose if they believe in order and civilized code and conducts. The fact of the matter is that the only way they can dethrone Hailu from Kinijit is through the method they went since the man is popular amongst Ethiopians and he is true and loyal to his commitment.

For your statement that says Hailu is too old to enspire the younger generation, it was far for you to witness how many young people were inspired by him. Even your Doctor Berehanu and many others were inspired by his dedication in which they dicided to unite with him and elect him as their leader. You contradicted yourself when you say that Hailu is good on grass root level movement. What else can you expect from an individual that if he is capable of moveing the people to a goal from the grassroot level, he is already an achiever. Your argument that says he doesn’t have a charisma is baseless and came out from you since you ran-out of bad names and insults against a true loyal Ethiopian Hailu Shawel.

Saying that, I would like to ask you to free yourself from your ethnic hate that is overwhelming you and prompt you to be negative to anyone who comes from the Amhara ethnic group. You have to move on and believe we are all Ethiopians equal under God and in that country. The old way of doing things shall end after TPLF in which one race dominates the other. You should continue to fight that rather than go to the past and live in the past while the present and the future is slipping away from you.

Happy new year

Anonymous said...

nice blog