Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mohammed Tawil

I ran into Mohammed Tawil, one of the great Ethiopian singers, at Washington Dulles airport today. I had been to one of his shows in 1993 and enjoyed his performance thoroughly. My wife recognized him first as he approached towards us. We said 'hello' and asked him if he was Mohammed Tawil. He acknowledged that he is and greeted us with 'kaiff'. We were surprised at how pleasant he was and we told him that we enjoy listening to his music. When I got home I searched if I could find clips of him on YouTube and I found the song below which is probably familiar to many of you (I am not sure if he is singing in Somali or Afan Oromo). Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Mohammed Tawil is the man! I remember jamming to this song-it was like the national anthem at one point in Ethiopia. He poured his soul and heart in to that song. "Dur Dur" which means tolo tolo beye in Amharigna is a love song in which he tells his love to take off with him. He singing it in somali with some qotu(oromo) words mixed in it.