Friday, June 20, 2008

Don’t try to kill them before they grow!

By Ephrem Madebo

"Every time I plant a seed, he said kill them before they grow". This is a living lyric from the late vibrant Reggae singer, Bob Marley’s classic - “I shot the Sherriff". If Marley was alive, I am sure he would have sang another song with the same lyrics to the "Ethiopian Review" editor who like a bad tag boat shoves away every new idea that he doesn't agree with. I had a close association with the Ethiopian Review editor years ago in the heydays of "Tigbar League". In fact, I joined the "Tegbar League" group discussion forum at the request of the moderator [Ethiopian Review editor] and I was expelled out after a while when I openly criticized Lidetu Ayalew for his 2002 crude action. Mind you the ER editor is the very person that blames Meles Zenawi for muffling the free press, but he himself didn't even think twice before he silenced me in his little world. What a hypocrisy! Regardless of the nature of the ideas, I usually keep small ideas at the personal level. This week after I read two indiscriminately misguiding articles on Ethiopian Review website, I decided to go public because I thought total silence does not do any good to the public.

Towards the end of last week, I read an article on Ethiopian Review that brought to light a covert negotiation between OLF and Ginbot 7. The article inadvertently reveals a possible political breakthrough that has the potential to change the course of history in Ethiopia. If the information that came to light is authentic, I applaud the investigative cleverness of the ER sources for digging deep and informing the public on what is to come, I also appreciate their effort in trying to directly or indirectly put pressure on the leaders of the opposition camp. Here is the part that I totally disagreed and demanded an explanation. For those of you who didn't have the chance to read ER’s article on the clandestine meeting of Ginbot 7 and OLF, here is the warning of the ER editor to the two organizations [OLF, Ginbot 7] and to the rest of us: "ER sources in both Ginbot 7 and OLF are not ready to disclose where the secret talks are being held, but for maximum political effect, any agreement that they reach needs to be signed in Asmara. Any one who doubts the significant role the Eritrean government can play in destroying Woyanne is either politically ignorant, or a closet Woyanne sympathizer, or does not fully comprehend the severity of the crisis our country is facing".

I'm not sure whether the editor is acting from his inner feeling, or out of his imagination, but at least I do understand that when people act under the influence of imagination, there is no boundary for their passion. Imagination is the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses. It is good to allow the image of the outside world have an input in our way of thinking, scheming, contriving, remembering, creating, fantasizing, and forming opinion, but we must understand that politics and everything we do must be accompanied by passion and driven by principle because too much imagination kills both principle and passion.

I wonder what in the "Hell" Asmara has to do with the likely outcome of political events in Ethiopia. Isn't Asmara the home of Esayas Afewerke, a man who never sleeps before he makes sure that Ethiopia is dwindled in to multiple mini states? Had there been an inch thick of a heart that worries for Ethiopia under the chest of Essays, Asmara wouldn't have opened its door for separatist elements that fight to dismantle Ethiopia, and for EPPF; an organization that firmly stands for the unity of Ethiopia. If there is anything that the opposition gets from Asmara today, it will definitely be paid back at an exorbitantly high rate tomorrow. The question of Assab, Bademe, Tsorena, and other border areas that I can’t even name are issues that face the current opposition in the future when it assumes power. If we believe that Esayas is willing to raise a lion that may ultimately devour him, we’re not just lying through our teeth, but we are also simplifying very complex national issues.

Another very important issue that the Ethiopian Review editor must understand is that we Ethiopians can respectfully disagree with him in many issues without he calling us “Politically ignorant, or a close Woyanne sympathizers”. As an editor, he must strike the balance between the flow of ideas and the interest of the public. An editor must appreciate dissent and accept criticism. By the way, isn’t the very essence of our struggle built on the values of respectful disagreement and on the principles of working together for a common cause? When an editor seeks freedom of speech for himself, he/she becomes captive of his/her desire and misguides millions of people. But, when an editor seeks discipline, he/she guides the freedom journey of the masses to victory. The era of blanket condemnation and character assassination is over. Editors, or readers, what we do and what we say should clearly identify which part of the isle we stand.

Here is a script from ER editor’s message this week:
“Let’s go straight to the crux of the matter: UDJ by its actions and positions had demonstrated itself to be a political party without a popular base. It is a fake party without popular constituency”

How do we measure the popularity of political parties? What makes some parties real and others fake? I might not give you the answer for these two questions, but I can at least say the following: The ER editor has neither the moral background nor the empirical authenticity to publicly declare that UDJ is a fake party with no political constituency. How dare a man who like me enjoys burgers at the comfort of a “drive-in” calls UDJ a fake party with no political constituency? Which constituency are we talking here? Isn’t UDJ a party that collected more than 10,000 signatures in few days when the government required 1500? Isn’t Birtukuan a lady who with no fear confronted Zenawi’s wicked legal system in her professional life? Didn’t this same relentless defender of democracy waste two years of her precious young life in Kaliti prison for our common cause? Regardless of their choice of strategy, Birtukuan and other members of UDJ have demonstrated their undeterred will to endlessly stand for the true cause of democracy.

There are many people in Ethiopia who preferred to live a quiet life than confronting Meles. Again there are many of us who raced out to the Western world because Meles screamed at us. Members of UDJ are still in Ethiopia knowing that they might be targets of Zenawi’s killing squads. These people need support and protection, not abuse and senseless mortification. UDJ has taken its first step; let’s give them the necessary time and support to have them shows us the whole staircase. If we have no patience of looking deep into the future, then we need to take a lesson from the Biblical story of Noah. Remember, there was no rain when Noah built the ark. He built it anyways when others ridiculed him because he had a good vision of the future. Criticizing our political parties is the right thing to do, but killing them before they grow is wrong. There are many things that we can do to collectively get closer to victory. If anything else, please let’s avoid any felling of bitterness towards others because bitterness is a cancer that eats upon the host.

Evidently, the proliferation of political parties has a tendency to water down the strength of the opposition camp, but this does not and should not imply that we as a nation should be limited to one party. Even if we believe in the idea of one party, we just don’t have to kill existing parties when we embrace new comers. Our belief is ours and ours only, we can sell it to others, but we must not impose our belief on the general public. UDJ has chosen to stay in side Ethiopia and wage a peaceful struggle. To those of us who have a different strategy, UDJ can be our good ally inside Ethiopia. Some of us might not want to have UDJ as an ally, so be it; but this doesn’t mean that UDJ is our enemy. We must make a distinction between a friend, a potential friend, and a foe. In politics, there is neither permanent alliance nor permanent animosity.


Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you, Ato Ephrem Madebo. You wrote a very timely article.
I was a big support of ER for a long time. But, after the inception of Genibot7 ER becomes arrogant, and undemocratic in the way he present his articles and censor reader’s comments. If Genibot7 founders and supports didn’t dissociate themselves from ER soon they will lose the support they are seeking.
Personally (because of tplf) I am not sure how UDJP will function as a democratic party in Ethiopia. But, this doesn’t give ER the license to trash UDJP members and its supports. Now, I lost the respect I have for ER, I am sure many Ethiopians will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Well observed article. Now and again ER heard saying 'let's call spade spade' - ER this is fired back to you. This guy is ruining our country. It is true he hate woyane and he is trying to through whatever he has to remove them. But this does not need to be done on the cost of our country.

ER's recent aruments towards using Eritrea to fight woyane is to ridiculous. He has a powerful tool if he use it properly. Please Er think again!!!

Anonymous said...

It is sad that you are giving the guy elias kifle, only misguided ethiopians and mostly the huge eritrean diaspora visit Ethioopian review website. the guy has no shame in supporting dictator after dictator and insulting lidetu, beyene, shawel and know bertukan. he has mental problems. and he just wants to overthrow woyane. Elias can't visit ethiopia all his life because he is convicted by woyane so he is on a personal agenda and doesn't care for our country. it is disgusting that we are giving him this much attention to a nutcase.


Anonymous said...

Thanks the writer, a mature political analyis.Elias Kifle has to improve his mental hygiene these days. I don`t want to say any more about him you put it very well.
But, I wonder as to why he always intends to dictate others the way he likes? May be that is what he is influenced by his colleague Esayas. Afterall, as a journalist on his site, he has to present news and facts and leave judgements for us. Atleat he should not present his comments as news most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Good job as usual Ephrem. I have nothing to add but here are comments in regard to G7 and ER:

Ginbot 7 has credibility problem with the public. Here are some ways it can tackle this problem:
1. It has to state and restate a practicable and clear vision; there are others who are bent on distracting it.
2. It has to distance itself from Eritrea and instead make contacts with forces within Ethiopia. Eritrea is simply biding its time to take advantage of a chaotic situation to install a group that does its bidding. Hence Ginbot 7’s flirtation with EPPF and other armed groups is going to end up where we started. Remember the London Conference? The US and Britain were not looking for who represented the interests of the Ethiopian people. Or even who among participants was democratic. The sole criteria for siding with a group was if the group was armed and willing to be used to further the interests of the powers. In the event that Ginbot 7 or UDJP sat with EPPF and OLF (both armed groups) they will have no chance of retaining their leadership.
3. G7 should not allow Ethiopian Review to dictate or appear to dictate its agenda;
4. It should recruit capable individuals (not just those with a lot of wenne) or else hire pr agency to promote its public image
5. Write and post economic and political policy papers in major media outlets (with focus on the US and Britain.)
6. Do not waste your time trying to bring together every group opposed to Meles; it is not possible and it is a recipe for organizational disaster
7. The next battle is won or lost by the party that is effective in convincing donor governments
8. Those currently in power will not survive without the support of the US and Britain. That is why I am not wholly convinced by the idea of an armed struggle. Armed struggle only extends our unending predicament.
9. Those competent in political economy (like Dr. Seid) should challenge activities of the World Bank (in fact shame it in supporting a government that does not adhere to democratic values.)
10. The fact that Tigrayan intellectuals (excepting Prof Tecola and now Seye) are silent should concern us all; effort should be made to bring them on board, etc

Anonymous said...

Ephrem, I seldom visit your site. But when I do I am my satisfaction is boundless. What an excellent observer you are.

Elias(ER) became extremely a typical segregationist and anticivil political movement. His role in dismantling CUDP (besides the inexperience and intollerance of the party's leaders themselves)as a catylist is what I will tell to my children and grandchildren as long as I live. I tried to comment him using my little knowledge and sharing him my real and actual experience I had in Ethiopia that what a worse we will be if we follow his dictations, several times in several issues. He never aired them.

Now those same ideas, when they came from you with great elaboration and articulation, I think he has to listen. Or otherwise we have to conclude that he is working against us (Ethiopianms) and find a solution to that.

Thank you so many times.

TeMaru said...

Thank you, Ephrem. Here is another piece on the issue:

Anonymous said...

I first read your timely comment on I was lucky enough to go through the boring, unnecessary and rough comment of Ethiomedia and be able to reach yours and read it.
The web site, in my view, is doing a disservice to you and your measured criticism of Elias by preceding it with their exaggerated view of their enemy no. 1, Eritrea.

I thank you much for your timely comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Ephrem. You just spoke out what has been burning me this whole week. Elias is a man with strong feelings for Ethiopia. But his early critisism and stubborn stand makes him useless. I hope he will come back to his mind soon.

Anonymous said...

ER - is by far the most intellectual aware site one can ever get. All of the sites including Ethiomedia are designed and formed for western like mentalities. They are too soft and liberal towards TPLF and its advocates.

ER is by far a pain for TPLF. ER is the only one that is aware and purely advocates the removal of TPLF with a right tool. all other news sites have no clear vision. They are too soft and have already forgotten that they are making the ethiopian people lazy. To put it simply they just put the people in comma. they have no clear vision. their daily routine is publishing whatever is written by AP, Reutors, BBC etc. Even Mr.Madebo posts once per month. that shows they are part-time people who are waiting opportunities to make themseves known. They are too soft on TPLF, the murdreous organization in which public enemy number one.

Anonymous said...


I would like your comments on what it says about us Ethiopians that one volatile person's opinions seem to warrant such attention. Isn't this the bigger issue?

ER clearly is and has always been a manic depressive site. Ad hominem attacks left and right, mood swings with 'traitors' yesterday (eg. Berhanu) becoming saints today and vice versa.

Yet, there is some useful journalism in ER, so as a consumer, I take it for what it is, a few nuggets of gold hidden in a junk yard.

Don't others see it that way, too? Or are Ethiopians especially vulnerable or amenable to ad hominem attacks, misinformation, conspiracy theories, etc. If so, then should we not change this before we can get anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Hi Desalegn,
You raised a good question. But the question which shoul preced this one is that "Do we realy learn from our own failures? Do we take lessons?"

Mind you it has been more than 35 years, or even more? we are always driven by such people who continuously propagate us with their sick "ad hominem attacks, misinformation, conspiracy theories, etc." as you said.

Please let us learn.

Anonymous said...

this elias kifle guy is very funny. he posted your article on his own website then he started using different nicknames to write COMMENTS under the article insulting Ethiomedia editor. This elias guy is a low life. instead of accepting criticism, he tries to pat himself in the back writing anti-ethiomedia comments under his own website. what an idiot!!

Anonymous said...

i wonder you ephrem madebo ?. first of all look your self and you can give a good analysis about ethiopian poletics
;you donot have to rush to say something ; please be what you are===
most of the time your thinking and your analysis is too paradox ,that is why i said to you, donot rush to give analysis

Anonymous said...

Hi Ephrem, thanks for your criticism on what Elias wrote the past few days. i really appreciate your comment and advise you gave him if he
humble himself and accept it.


Anonymous said...

Ato Ephrem Madebo, please read Ethiopia Zare and fix your thought accordingly. Elias has a point in my viwe.

Ephrem Madebo said...


What is the point that Elias makes? Going to Eritrea to beg Esayas? Or his view of UDJ? I commented his view on these two issues. I read "Yezare", it doesn't say anything about Elias being right on the two issues. Please be specific and forward your pont of argument again.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia Zare announced that the former Kinijit(the real one) is formed and they are asking Birtukan to return the fund she collected by name of "kinijit". In short, she is Fake, puppet of TPLF and she got exposed. She only lasted a week!!!!
For those who are truly concerned, it is a good news. She will not take us for a ride with her mischief.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ato Ephrem.
I just posted a comment on ER reflecting my anger with ER's editors. I mentioned that how the so-called "ER Resaerch Unit" has been attacking felow Ethiopians by posting their picture and lebel them as enemy. I also mentioned how ER is presenting Hailu Shawel's party as "Turetegna Militia". I also pointed to the picture of Elias Kifle that was poted side by side with that of Birhanu Nega as a possible resume sibmitted to the anticipated cabinet of Dr. Birhanu.
Weel immedatelly after I clicked the send button there came a reply that informs me that I am posting a comment "very Fast" and that I "need to slow down"
What do you make of it, uh?

Anonymous said...

Ephrem, your article showed me a great deal how much coward you really are! You felt as if you just returned from the battle of Metema defeating the Derbush because you got the gut to write to criticize Elias Kifle. Mr. shame, what is the big deal about writing a critic on ER or its editor? Many who are not afraid to call spade a spade have already spoken loudly way early on, be it on their radio or web site as he is an enemy of Ethiopia.

But, for you it is all about Ginbot 7 and Birhanu Nega. Now, because Ginbot 7, a clandestine movement which you probably support because Dr. Birhanu is in it, is implicated you are rumbling like a mad man. Cool down!

For some of us, your little bravado is nothing bigger than a drama showing your shrewdness. We have seen the worst of ER when he partied with UIC by showing the gruesome pictures of our fallen heroes. Where were you then?

One more said in your article that "Ethiopians can respectfully disagree with him in many issues without he calling us “Politically ignorant, or a close Woyanne sympathizers”." What does your record show about what you say to people who write opposing you? Isn’t it exactly the same name calling that you use? Next time, when you point a finger, remember that three of your other fingers are pointing towards you.

Ephrem Madebo said...

Mr. Anonymous,

I speak when I am driven from inside. I don't say things because others say. Don't forget I am a free subject to support any group I want including the ruling regime. If you don't like what I support, please express it with ideas instead of using vulgar words here and there. Remember, civility is what guides us to exchange ideas and shape each other. If you have a short supply of ideas, just enjoy the idea of others. My criticisms to others take different forms because I oppose friends in a different way than I oppose foes. Are you a friend or a foe?

Anonymous said...


Hello Anonymous
6/23/2008 10:37 PM

I don't understand why Mr. Madebo alone should not have his political preferences when you have yours. You are being unreasonable. If Mr. Madebo feels Berhanu Nega represents his convictions and wants to support him financially, so be it.

You also labeled Ginbot 7 a "clandestine movement". At least you inadvertently admit Ginbot 7 is a "movement." However, it is inaccurate to call it
"clandestine" because it has its public officers (Berhanu and a bunch of them) with an official website, address, etc. May be your choice of the word "clandestine" is mistaken.

Let us please try to de-personalize our comments.

I also don't think Mr. Madebo needs to waste his time explaining himself on comments that do not increase our awareness of the central issues.

In the end, I appreciate that Mr. Madebo is open-minded enough to allow disagreeable and uncivil comments in his blog.

Anonymous said...

Just like most young Ethiopians, I am very frustrated and some what given up on Ethiopian politics. I am not sure when and how I will gain confidence in my older brothers and sisters who are in a position to be called leaders or influential people. I hardly visit ER so I am not certain if I am in any position to really comment anything. I stopped going to that site because of the annoying pop up adds. I don't know how many of you manage to just deal with those adds and still go through some rough rides on ER.

Anyway, Here are few things in general we all should be doing right now. CHILL, TAKE IT EASY and Just RELAX. Folks, remember life is too short and it aight fair ganging up on UDJ or ER or anybody for that matter. We should all just take a deep breath and try to take it one day at time.

Then we can may be focus on fighting weyane. It looks to me, everyone is a bit stressed and it is hard to come together and struggle for a common purpose. We Ethiopians who live abroad should find a way to bring us all together, like Yoga or something that won't hurt anybody... then when we all are in a good conscious we can come together and march as one to remove the illegitimate government that our country doesn't deserve. God help us all.

what else can I say...Our problems had made me speechless...

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of respect for ER. I didn't like it when ER critized movement leaders too much.

Okay after coming out of jail from 'treason' and 'genocide' or attempted 'genoidice' charges which could've got them killed openly instead of secrectly which seems to be the style of fanatic ethio-hater Meles, if we want to be real, right?

But Ato Elias was saying Dr. Berhanu came over to him and 'apologized' or said 'whassup' or something. That really pissed me off. I thought it should've been the other way around. DESALEGN up there gets it I think.

But I am sure Ephrem is not fooled by some of the comments. For Ephrem knows by now Woyane Agazi lurks around to find prey and kill without mercy. I just hope Ephrem won't let up. Until freedom comes our way. We are ready to embrace total freedom. It will come sooner than we thought it would. The number of open minded Ethiiopians growiing exponentially.

The old regional thing dying out with only the TPLF stubborn towards slavery. It is only TPLF who thinks Ertreans are better. Most Eritreans think they are better than the region called Agame but not the general population of ethiopia None of the Ethiopians think Eritreans are better. All Ethiopians know Eritreans are just like them. No better or worst than them. But TPLF people have that slave mentality and i don't know why.


We don't deserve to lose territorry to slave-minded group or stupid morons or any other country just b/c Kofee Anan and Herman Cohen and what was the other guy? Boutros Boutros Gali the Egyptian wanted us to be listening to stupid slave-minded beggar political party, if u kknow what I mean.

I like the fact that Bob Marley is mentioned again here. Marley loved Ethiopia from the bottom of his heart. Was he, Marley, Ethiopian born though, he would have would have no chance of becoming a super star.

We are what we are. Let's not kill our own people. Freedom we all want. We need all kinds of Ethiopians to get there.

Elias was one of the first. Yes Elias Kifle. Death warrant on his head.We forgot what that feels like. I went home three times. Elias cann't go home. Ephrem I don't remember being mentioned for 'treason' and 'genocide' but I wouldn't be surprised if he was b/c there is nobody more treasonous than TPLF hating Ethiopians like Ephrem.

In the old days, a soldier who killed the enemy inorder to protect us was source of pride of family regardless of his rank in Airforce or Army. We were a nation.

Ephrem is no fool. And he doesn't trust me at all and that is what I like more about him.

We are Ethiopians.

Anonymous said...

Ephrem has a high respect and admiration for TPLF. For him TPLF is better than anything. he beleives TPLF has freed the Oromos and the southern nations. His mentality is the same as Meles stoges who bleive their region first and then Ethiopia second. He all rotates in the idea of Ethnicity and regions. even the blog name tells that story having the name "Enset- the southern perspective" when he means southern, he means his southern ethnicities advocating for Meles's ethnic doctrine.

He has never heard criticizing TPLF for its narrow ethnic based agenda and the danger of Ethnic organizations. He loves it. But he will be the first one to fight it if there is an organization that have groups of leader from Amhara Ethnic groups. His deep hate to the Amharic group is manifested by his repeated attack on Hailu Shawel and the people surrounding him. Ephrem is hypocrite as he was killing Hailu shawel and his party few month ago by writing and commenting against them and now criticizing ER for its sharp edged criticizm against UDJ.

Mr. Madebo...go and read the Bible. it tells you see yourself before you criticize others. Why you were standing on the way of Hailu Shawel last time? Your deep hate to the Amhara people and their religion Orthodox Christianity should not blind you to see real pictures. Instead, free yourself from such deep and ignorant hates and fear monger.

Anonymous said...

The commenator above who said "Mr. Madebo...Your deep hate to the Amhara people and their religion Orthodox Christianity should not blind you to see real pictures. Instead, free yourself from such deep and ignorant hates and fear monger" oh man!

I have been reading ENSET for a long time now. I have never read any hate towards Orthodox christianity or the Amhara ethnic group here. Never.

Ephrem Madebo or any of the ENSET bloggers don't deserve that kind of comment. But again, as mentioned before the op, Woyane-TPLF-Agazi lurks around in every Ethiopian blog and forum trying to make Ethiopians hate each other. But the fact is TPLF is losing that battle and being hated by all kinds of Ethiopians instead.


When Ethiopians felt the lion of Ethiopia in the royal flag had a flag with the holy cross at the top, they changed it to a spear because the holy cross doesn't represent the Ethiopian Muslims.

When Muslim holidays became national holidays in Ethiopian calendar, Ethiopian Christians celebrated with their Muslim brothers and sisters and at least Addis streets were full of joyous demonstrators that day.

The tenth African Cup opened at Addis Stadium with dancers from Gambela and the unforgetable sport journalist Solomon was so overjoyed that you could hear his tears in his voice and I'm not sure if Solomon was from Gambela himself. But such was the Ethiopianism sentiment at that time and there was a song which went like this:

"ellel ellel ellel"
bey hagerae
ye'ekool honsh zarae
ye'ekool honsh zarae

There are many roads that lead to freedom. Nelson Mandela turned 90. Happy Birth Day. I am so proud that Nelson Mandela was getting military training in Ethiopia before he went to prison for 27 years.

Anonymous said...

People are in critical famine in Kamabat, Wolyita, Guraguae, Borena, Halaba and Shashemanie areas. The politics of who is right and who is wrong should be addressed after saving peoples' life.

Anonymous said...

I am all for tough talk against Woyane. But for me, Elias Kifle sounds and smells like Shabia. Which part of Elias is Shabia would you not understand. All you need is just listen to Eritrea radio station how they are obsessed with Woyane more than us (Ethiopian). I gave up on this knucklehead long time ago.

God bless Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

Some are for tough talk against Woyane and some have given up on talking and believe in something else, Wro Akalu.

If I mentioned how the morons who call themselves prime ministers and presidents of sub-sahara African countries embarrasse most of us black people, Woyane-TPLF would feel comfortable in that. So I won't say anything.

Most Ethiopians don't accuse any other Ethiopian of being a Shabia when they disagree with him/her. The slave mentality of TPLF still wishes Ethiopians would think of Shabia 24/7 like it does. It is usually TPLF that thinks or wishes that Ethiopians too are thinking about Shabia 24/7.

On Elias Kifle's ETHIOPIAN REVIEW monthly magazine befpre the internet, most Ethiopian contributors wrote '...the TPLF/EPLF regime in Addis...' as if TPLF was still under EPLF like in the Derg's Qey Kokeb Zemecha in which TPLF fighters were used as 'fenjee regatch' by EPLA and more than ten thousand were (when I heard that word 'fenji-regatch' again in 1998-00 i remembered them TPLF fighters who were killed for EPLF in NAWFA); I am also remembering that TPLF slash EPLF thing thanks to one Ethiopian lady student for her phd in France whose name I forgot now predicted on ER magazine of Elias Kifle that TPLF and EPLF would fight against eachother very shortly and very few believed her at that time. If we are in remembering mood,


When Professor Asrat was treated like an animal and eventually killed really by late TPLF security Kinfe and his stooges, it was b/c he was vocal about 'Shabia's' over-lordism in everythng Ethiopian.

Ato Issyas wouldn't come to OAU meeting in Addis b/c it was Ethiopia's turn to chair and Meles was at the podium. (At that time everything in Ethiopia was in favor of Eritreans so much so that most Ethiopians thought Issayas was ruling Ethiopia with a 'remote control' from Asmara and Ato Issayas wanted those Ethiopians to continue believing in that).

Before the Badme war TPLF killed Ethiopians who didn't like Shabia. I can count many Ethiopians of Akaleguzay or Hamassen ancestory that TPLF helped Shabia kill in Addis Ababa.

And also Siye's ugly speech at Ethiopian AirLines and the 'horn of africa bank' which was giving out seven birr for one US dollar when the Ethiopian banks were about only five birr. And that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Woyane-TPLF now accuses Ethiopians of being Shabia, the same Shabia they killed for or help Shabia kill Ethiopians for...Remember the purge that took place at Ethio Aifrorce? Or the EPLF woman at the Airforce? Or the fact that Eritrea was exporting ethio coffee more than ethio even though not even a single coffee bean grows in eritrea?

So Wro Acalu, we all know TPLF-Woyane-Agazi wants to widen the gap b/n Ethiopians and I disagree with Elias Kifle but his Ethiopianess has never been doubted by any Ethiopian including Ephrem from ENSET.

Anonymous said...

Remember the proverbial if some has only a hammer all he sees is a nail. For Elias the savoir for Ethiopia only comes form the North.
I am for Elias being all against Woyane, it’s “Ethiopia is not capable of kicking the Woyane behind with out the Shabia assistant” I can do with out. If you think I'm exaggerating then I think maybe YOU'RE Elias Kifle himself.

Peace Out!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are in wilderness for lack of leadership to kick woyane, here is some good news that surfaced recently. There is a southern front by the name G7 and do not be surprised, the leadership includes Madebo and may be Halebo too. Good luck guys. Do not forget to chip in some cash for these guys so that they can do more research on conspiracy theories that could remotely dismantle the woyane army from the mountains of PA and/or the campus of VTech.

Ephrem Madebo said...


TPLF will be defeated and Ethiopia will be liberated when you and everybody contributes his/her part. Instead of fabricating hearsays, please do practical things. Let me do what I think is the best to my country in my own way. You follow your way and do the same. We shouldn’t fight over the path of our choice as long as we have similar goals and objectives. Let me support you and you support me too. We have a good chance of meeting at the finish line. Anything else is destructive for both of us! We have said all we could say, now its time to do the job, let’s go to work!

Anonymous said...

Reading between the line of the Anonymous 7/9/08 comments, I do not think it was from Woyane supporters. I stand corrected if I am wrong, but I dought it.
I hate when people cross bounderies. I know! I am suppsed to play nice. Nope! Heck No!
Bottom line for anyone, Atse Hailu, Woyane camp or other alien camp, to mock Ginbot7 as “research on conspiracy theories” is ludicrous and sadly hilarious!
It's great to see that ignorant people belong to any camp, still and will always exist to make such a dumb comments.
By the way that finish line is so soon than we think. Now I recall the reply of Dr Brehanu on that glorious May 14 2008 day of Ginbot7 movement press release, to a question from the press on the time frame when Woyane will be defeated. As usual he humorously said TOMORROW.
You can shoot the messenger all you want but I believed that was prophetic.

God bless Ethiopia
Viva Ginbot7

Anonymous said...

Wro Akalu et al,

It is funny that you felt good about Dr. Birhanu's 'tomorrow' response to a question about the timeline to the finish line and you might even be laughing your heart out with joy. You may not probably know the old age adage that goes like 'there is no tomorrow'. This is alos biblical. I think, if he and his followers are believing in victory that comes tomorrow, they may not ever see it. I think it is in the bible that I read, the day of salvation is today.

Mr. Madebo, are you refuting the allegation of your leadership of the front, or it is a confirmation? I am not in anyway against your choice, but I would like to know if this is really a Gossegna Southern front or a more inclusive one. It smells the former! You have been saying different things on your earlier blogs about peaceful struggle and on Dr. Birhanu's coward decision to stay here, but now.... here you go an American Citizen waging a war on another nation in the name of some G7 movement. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7/10/2008 8:46 PM is all over when he says "here you go an American Citizen waging a war on another nation in the name of some G7..."

Just because Mr. Madebo chooses to work with G7 (a movement Anon does not support) he is no more Ethiopian and is waging war on Ethiopia (and his Southern families). Anon either does not understand issues involved or is deliberately poisoning the pond.

Anonymous said...

Recognizing the inflamatory words that come from TPLF/Agazi supporters who pretend to be friends and not foes? And then without knowing it, we Ethiopians use the same words woyane comes up with from time to time to attack eachother very often.

IMHO Ethiopian politics is unpredictable and has been surprising everybody for the last couple of hundred years.