Friday, July 18, 2008

Listen to Siye Abraha

It seems to me Siye Abraha, the former college student turned guerrilla fighter turned defense minister tuned prisoner of conscience turned politician, has learned very important lessons from his varied experiences about methods of struggle. His insight on this topic is convincing and it should be heeded. This is just a small portion of the interview Siye did with Harambe newspaper and it comes to you courtesy of Ethiomedia.


Anonymous said...

I really like this guy. He is one of the few politicians I know who openly apologized for some of his positions he took as EPRDF. He seems much settled and thoughtful and future looking. We have to give him a credit. After all we have seen some members of "Kinigit" like Dr. Alemayehu Areda, former Civil Service college President(as Ethiopian Democratic League), who served as a big mouth of EPRDF, dismantling AAU instructors. He never apologized. It needs a courage to do that. I try to read his interviews and read his articles. Very much appealing.


Anonymous said...

Yes ,so do I like this guy. We all know what he was saying in the first few years after EPRDF took power. By the way,his words were hard and a bit abusive even for tigreans that were in addis. I do not want to repeat them. However,it was very clear how he has changed much. I think he has shown us what "mebsel" is. As to me, I hope others including OLBAMO agree with me. We need such "mebsel" and "Bsals".

Anonymous said...

No matter what this man says, it if difficult to forget the actiosn of woyane(tplf);dIsmembering of Ethiopia, the the scession of Eriteria, the formation of the
Tigrian Republic. These are the goals they died for not to bring democracy to the masses of Ethiopa, whhich now they brag, not withstanding the accusation of Amharas for the for every problem the whole of Ethiopians, face.

storio said...

It's common to start wiz z objective of deliverin ur people from crushes, if possible accomodatin ur own benefit by z end. As an Oromo more of an ethiopian, i would do z same. We ol don't fight for 1 thing but b/e of many factors. Seye & fellow woyanes, were sincerely brave, breakin z neck of z derg but zey were fightin z regime also b/c zeir own sake, zeir pers/familial existence was threatened. He's rite it's no good option to make sufer z people again by arm struggle, but use all measures to bring z collapse of dictators, lik z 1 who is turnin in to be in Ethiopia, Meles.