Saturday, March 06, 2010

Paul Ryan: the Man Who Should be President of the US


Moon said...

Interesting. Why do you think Mr Ryan should be the next president of the US? Just curious.

enset said...

Glad you asked. The reason I think Mr. Ryan should be the next president of the US (in 2013) is because he is the one politician out there who best articulates the most important issue of our era: the US public debt caused by the explosion of entitlement spending. This guy not only talks about the problem but also has proposed several legislative proposals to help solve the problem.

The US public debt currently stands over 12.4 trillion dollars, of which about 30% is owed to foreigners. To put this figure in perspective, the debt is 366 times larger than Ethiopia's 2009 gross domestic product (GDP), the value of all goods and services produced within Ethiopia in 2009.

This US public debt is now fast approaching 100% of the US GDP! This is simply unsustainable. In Mr. Ryan's own words: Our entitlement programs are headed for a painful collapse that will bankrupt this nation and leave our children with an inferior standard of living. If we don't tackle these problems, they will tackle us.

Anonymous said...

I suppose one’s view about this issue depends on what side of the argument you’re on or what your philosophy of government is. And since your philosophy is to ‘the right of center’, I am not surprised to see this post.

By way of disclosure, I am waaaaaaayyyy to the left of center, so let me say that I am hugely disappointed at Obama, not for the same reason as yours obviously, but because he is not doing enough to move the country away from over 30 years disastrous right wing ideology in every area. In fact, I will write about that soon on my blog.

Now to Mr Ryan and his sanctimonious rant. It is just amazing to see ALL Republicans in Congress (with the possible exception of Ron Paul, and he has some whacky views on this an other issues too) and most conservatives, especially the new Tea Baggers, that they are all of a sudden concerned about spending. And Paul Ryan, seems to be ‘the new rising star’ of the Republican Party but like most of them he is as hypocritical as the can come.

Where were all these ‘fiscal conservatives’ like Ryan when Bush and Cheney were looting the US treasury all those years by keeping their war adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan off the books and passing them as ‘supplemental’s’ to this bill and that bill which ballooned the deficit? Did we here a peep from Mr Ryan and all those suddenly ‘fiscal conservatives’ about that? No! He voted lock step with his boys Bush and Cheney on all spending bills and ‘supplementals’ but now when a Democrat is proposing spending, not for war, but for something good for the public like health care, all of a sudden, he is Mr Responsible? Give me a freaking break!!! Ryan is no more responsible about gov’t spending than is a Congressman’s mistress on a secret rendezvous in Europe!

It’s not just the wars, Mr Ryan also voted for the infamous Medicare Prescription Drug legislation which the Bush administration lied about its cost and ended up costing almost 3 times as much. And now he is questioning the accuracy of the CBO???!!! A non partisan organization??

Sorry to get a bit personal here, but not only is Ryan a hypocrite, but he is also a weasel only because he tried to get away with weasel words but was called out by Xavier Becara for trying to say that the CBO was basically useless. See, that’s why I get pissed off at Republicans in office today and sometimes use words like weasel. Yes, I usually use stronger words than that but this is not the forum for that.  Seriously though, if you haven’t watched it, you need to watch the next speaker after Ryan when he puts him in his place and rightfully so.

I broke up my response in 2 because of the size. Please see the next one below.

Anonymous said...

Republicans love to use government spending as their # 1 issue only when they want to run for offices or re-election. But I don’t think there has ever been a Republican president who reduced the deficit at all, not even Eisenhower. In contrast, Democrats have been the ones who have been fiscally conservative. Even recently, G W Bush was handed a surplus as far as the eyes can see by Clinton, and what did he do with it? Well, you know the story. And may I remind you that it was Mr Dick Cheney a staunch Republican and conservative who uttered the famous phrase, "…Reagan proved deficits don't matter,". And now suddenly Paul Ryan and these Republicans are seeing the light? Yeah right.

And they have no problem with telling lies to promote their agenda. As I said above, Ryan tried to lie about the numbers but he was called out. The fact is that this proposal by Obama will not cost the public a dime and actually saves money in the long run. If Obama had the courage and passed a single payer plan, the savings would be even higher. But because of obstructionists Republicans like Ryan and the lack of courage by Obama, we are stuck with this.

The other fact is, before Obama was sworn in, the national debt was at 1.3 trillion and that was not even including the costs of the 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Mr Paul Ryan was one of the enablers of Bush’s policies that caused all this. How do I know? All of that? Simple, just check his voting records.

Fikru, Mr Ryan is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Republicans like him love to spend like a drunken sailor when it comes to war and destruction. They also love corporate welfare, tax cuts for the rich and corporations. But when a single legislation that benefits the majority of the population and actually saves lives, all of a sudden Republicans become deficit hawks. Sorry, but it really is sad and disgusting. It is not a lie that over 40, 000 people die because of the lack of health insurance in this country. That does not mean anything to these Republican vultures. They’d rather see the money go to the insurance companies who are making billions in profit. I can say tons about this issue, because it just infuriates me to see hypocrites like Ryan try to pass as ‘concerned’ law makers. But I will stop here.

Thanks for the response. I’d love to debate you on this further.

P.S. Mark my word, Mr Ryan will eventually vote for this bill when all of this is said and done. Just watch.