Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Defiant Beyene Petros?

A few days ago the Woyane regime accused Prof. Beyene Petros, the current leader of the Medrek political grouping, of planning to change the government "through street fighting" referring to a campaign speech recently given by him. I have not heard the speech where Beyene was purported to have said this, but it is obvious that this cheap swipe at Beyene is a part of Woyane's overall intimidation strategy it has adopted since the 2005 stolen election.

Beyene, to his credit, has come out swinging and challenged the Woyane to substantiate its charge (please listen to this VOA interview with Beyene from yesterday). The last time I heard Beyene this combative and animated was during the 2000 election when he led the Southern Coalition to victory over Woyane in Hadiya, Kembata and Tembaro regions. Is this the new Beyene? I doubt it. But it is good to see him on the side of the people again.

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