Friday, September 03, 2010

"Radical Islam is world's greatest threat"

Tony Blair believes so and I agree.

Here is another example of radical Islam asserting its political muscle in the streets of France.

A quote from Tony Blair's new book "A Journey: My Political Life" makes this point crystal clear:

Here is where the root of the problem lies. The extremists are small in number, but their narrative—which sees Islam as the victim of a scornful West externally, and an insufficiently religious leadership internally—has a far bigger hold. Indeed, such is the hold that much of the current political leadership feels impelled to go along with this narrative for fear of losing

...Defeating the visible and terrifying manifestations of religious extremism is not enough. Indeed I would go further: This extremism won't be defeated simply by focusing on the extremists alone. It is the narrative that has to be assailed. It has to be avowed, acknowledged; then taken on, inside and outside Islam. It should not be respected. It should be confronted, disagreed with, argued against on grounds of politics, security and religion.

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