Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Music is Really Good for You - V

I love to listen to both secular and Christian music. In my opinion, the quality and creativity in today's Christian music scene is better than what I see in the secular music scene. Here are a couple of my favorites Christian songs of late. The first one is a reflective song by a soloist named Bebo Norman and the second one is an upbeat song from is a group called Casting Crowns. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Haile to the Chief!

Haile Gebrselassie retires! "It is better to stop here." Maybe not yet.

Thanks for the memories and best wishes on your next adventure(s)!

Eskinder Nega takes Haile to task for his recent flirtation with Meles. He also takes a critical look at Haile's rash announcement of his retirement and his political aspiration. Read here.

A shellacking for Obama's agenda

I was expecting the American electorate would rebuke President Obama's leftist agenda in last Tuesday's US midterm election. Instead, what they actually delivered was a strong repudiation of that agenda. When I voted for Obama in 2008 I did so with the hope that he would govern from the political center and that he would offer a more pragmatic foreign policy. What the country got from him and the Democratic party, unfortunately, was an unbridled expansion of government in a time of high economic distress and an apology tour by Obama that sent the wrong signals to enemies of the US. Now that the Democrats have been given a shellacking, one would expect that they will moderate and tack to the center. But judging from their early reactions to the elections, I highly doubt that that will happen. As for me, I will do what I can to defeat their redistribution of wealth and social engineering agenda here in the US and elsewhere.