Sunday, November 07, 2010

A shellacking for Obama's agenda

I was expecting the American electorate would rebuke President Obama's leftist agenda in last Tuesday's US midterm election. Instead, what they actually delivered was a strong repudiation of that agenda. When I voted for Obama in 2008 I did so with the hope that he would govern from the political center and that he would offer a more pragmatic foreign policy. What the country got from him and the Democratic party, unfortunately, was an unbridled expansion of government in a time of high economic distress and an apology tour by Obama that sent the wrong signals to enemies of the US. Now that the Democrats have been given a shellacking, one would expect that they will moderate and tack to the center. But judging from their early reactions to the elections, I highly doubt that that will happen. As for me, I will do what I can to defeat their redistribution of wealth and social engineering agenda here in the US and elsewhere.


Moon said...

Hello Ephrem,

I like your blog and respect your opinion, even though I disagree with you 100% about US politics. Can we have a discussion regarding this post? The reason I ask is because the last time I commented to a similar post about a post by yourself on how Republicans are better on spending, I didn't get a response. I like a good tussle so I came back to try it one more time.

I think America made a huuuuuge mistake by electing this group of Republicans to Congress. Obviously, you think otherwise. Now before I start making my points, I'd like to know if you are up for the challenge. :) I will be waiting for your response.

enset said...

Glad you came back to visit. I am afraid there is not much left to discuss about Obama's job-killing and entitlement-expanding domestic agenda. His foreign policy is not much better either. I want him to be a decent one-term president since America can't afford him for a second term. He had overreached and he has no chance of winning a re-election. I hope he will go on to have a fulfilling life as an ex-president. So, feel free to post here but I am not much inclined to engage in a discussion with you on this topic. Thanks.


Moon said...

Nothing much left to discuss? Well, I beg to differ. I think there is a lot to discuss. But it sounds like you have bought into the Republican talking point with the words you are using. But that’s too bad Fikru. I was hoping for a lively and educational debate. With strong accusations like ‘expansion of government’ and ‘apology tour’, I thought you’d have the conviction of your courage to back your words with some explanation and even some facts. I am not happy with Obama either but for entirely the opposite reason that you are upset with him.

Those of us who are wayyyy to the left of the argument don’t think he has been liberal enough and I was ready refute your claim and back mine up with historical data and some logic. Forgive me for thinking that a blog was a 2 way street where ideas were exchanged and opinions defended.

But since you are not in the mood for some discussion, I guess I will let it go. But please tell me one thing. Please tell me you haven’t bought into the propaganda machine know as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and the FOX anti American noise machine. From one fellow Ethiopian to another, there is nothing good that comes from following their ideology.


If you change your mind, I am always available. Just say the words and we will go at it. You with your ideas and me with mine. 

Take care for now.