Sunday, February 13, 2011

Regime Change

There has been a consensus among Ethiopians for while now that there needs to be a regime change in Ethiopia, but not so much on how to bring about that change. The abrupt changes we have witnessed in Tunisia and Egypt in recent days seem to have given hope for Ethiopians that a similar change may be possible in Ethiopia in the near future.

It would be nice to have a relatively peaceful regime change in Ethiopia as have happened in Tunisia and Egypt.
I doubt that will be the case though in Ethiopia as recent history of Ethiopian opposition groups is replete with disorganization and mistrust. I also question the wisdom of bringing about changes in a sudden way since that usually invites chaos and power vacuum.

Regardless, some kind of forced regime change in Ethiopia seems inevitable.
If the Ethiopian people decide they had enough like their Tunisian and Egyptian counterparts, there is nothing the Woyane regime can do to prevent its own demise. The only question is whether or not the regime that will take over from the Woyane will be more accountable to the people.

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Unknown said...

Aye, Yes fellow Ethiopians,
There need to be a determination, indefatigability of spirit, unity of purposes and resilience of the subjugated nations-is the only pre-condition to make the change possible in Abyssinian colony.

To be able to do so, however, for Ethiopian colonised nations the first and foremost thing is De-Colonization; if not that makes the issue extremely difficult. This is simply becasue Abyssinians elites don't even acknowledge that the the nations other than Amhara and Tigray are still under their colonial yoke!!

Unless this is the case, and if Amharas try to embellish with superficial slogans of Meles's being diabolically despotic dictator (yet underneath by hiding their wishs to reclaim their lost rules); there won't be genuine unity of purposes!! In effect divide and rule remains strategy remain unevitable reality to be honest and pragmatically realistic.

To avoid such thing from occuring and reoccuring, at least the Diaspora (Abyssinian) need to acknowledge the fact that other nations are under colonisation to date; and agree to work together with the other nations of the country to facilitate the downfall of this Ethiopian Adolf Hitler!!

Mind you at least all Abyssinina diaspora affiliated medais need to acknowledge that others Ethiopian are under Abyssiniaqn colonization! The rest will follow organically and the unity will come after that!!
Kambata Xoola