Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Of all people, why Aman?"

This was a quote from a taxi driver by the Associated Press after the execution of Aman Andom and other officials of the Haile Selassie government in the last week of November 1974. I am glad I was not old enough to understand the barbarism that ravaged Ethiopia in the mid 70s. My heart cries out for Aman, the other officials who were executed with him in that fateful week and all the rest (both Ethiopian and Eritrean) whose lives were brutally cut short in the aftermath of that killing orgy.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Durban Blues

Two years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark these same beggars and climate change alarmists were almost successful in their attempt to extort a 100 billion dollars a year, to paraphrase Rep. Ron Paul, from the poor people in the rich nations and give it to the rich people in the poor nations. They failed then, but they did not give up. They kept trying at it in Cancun, Mexico last year and in Durban, South Africa again this year. It looks like they are now resigned to the fact that their extortion scheme will not work. Ah, the sweet smell of reality!