Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The unbridled secularism of Bill Nye

There is a Bill Nye YouTube video that has gone viral where Nye expresses his disdain for those of us who do not conform to his belief system. He ridicules parents who teach a Biblical view of creation in the video and says they are holding back scientific progress. I find his logic to be deficient and his type of secularism to be an intolerant one, almost bordering on bigotry. Here is an article ("Bill Nye the Pseudoscience Guy") that does a pretty good job of refuting his pontification.

Why is Bill Nye so obsessed with our kids' minds anyway?
I'll still get his old videos at the local library to help teach my kids about basic science, but I will have to start advising them about a class of scientists, like him, who have a craving to indoctrinate our kids in their secularist faith. Neil deGrasse Tyson's agnostic views are much more palatable to me and a lot more consistent with a free society than Nye's secularism.

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