Thursday, October 25, 2012

My electoral college prediction

Romney will squeak out a narrow electoral college win, but he will win the popular vote by a comfortable 3 percentage points. NH was the last one I decided on while using this election map tool, by which time Romney had already gotten the 270 electoral college votes necessary to win. So, I gave NH to the apologizer-and-redistributor-in-chief even though I liked Romney's chances in the Granite State. I could have made WI blue and NH red instead, in which case Romney would win with the bare minimum 270 electoral college votes. But I think this is the year for Wisconsin to shine. By re-electing Scott Walker as their governor in a nationalized recall election in June of this year, Wisconsonites had shown that living within one's means is a politically winning proposition and they will do it once again by voting for the Romney-Ryan ticket. I would like to believe NV will go red, but I am sure the Reid vote rigging machine will be hard at work to tilt that state blue. I believe CO will be the most tightly contested of all the states.

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Major fail!LOL!