Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Physicians Galore!

This report by PRI from a couple of months ago is very surprising to me. The last time I checked (which was about ten years ago) there were only 3 medical schools in Ethiopia: Addis Ababa (Black Lion), Gondar and Jimma. Now there are 13! Ethiopia was producing about 300 doctors in 2005 and that number is slated to rise to 8000 by 2015. This is a 2567% increase! It is good that the government is trying to expand healthcare training, but this level of expansion will only come at a huge cost to quality of training as the report alludes. I guess the golden days of Ethiopian medical education is history.


Anonymous said...

I guess since the US is requiring everyone to have health care, many of the doctors that are being trained in Ethiopia can come to the USA and practice medicine here. We'll need many more doctors than what we now have.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many Ethiopian trained doctors are currently working in the US?